Virtual Lessons and In Person Lessons

We are very positive and looking forward to a great year for learning music at the studio! We have started many new students over the past two years very successfully with virtual, hybrid, and in-person lessons, and families have been quite happy with the progress the students have made. Our hybrid lessons were a success the past two academic years, and we are looking forward to the optimum balance of in person lessons and virtual for the best experience for each student for the coming fall. We are very glad the Summer Recordings were able to come out on schedule over the summer online, as well as having our annual recitals virtually in 2020 and 2021, and back to in-person recitals for 2022!

We have our in person or personal in-depth virtual appointments to see the studio over the summer, and in-person lessons are set for September.  We are starting the academic year with virtual lessons on September 6, and we have tentatively scheduled the return to in-studio lessons starting September 19, 2022, after summer traveling has died down. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back!

When we return to in-studio lessons, you don’t have to come in – you can just continue with virtual lessons if you want. You can also switch back to video lessons at any point during the year.

Safety Precautions
Safety is our top priority and we will be using safety protocols with diligence so we can minimize the risk of any one person falling ill. We are ready with many cleaning procedures between lessons and at the end of each day, implementing social distancing practices, and having smart strategies for the return to in-studio lessons.

Precautions include:
* Special HEPA air filters, fans, space heaters, windows, and ventilation
* Masks for teachers, students, and all entering the studio
* Frequent hand washing
* Hand sanitizer
* Social distancing
* Forehead scanner temperature checks
* Frequent cleaning of commonly touched surfaces between each student and at the end of every day,
* And much more

As a testament to how well our virtual lessons work, over 90% of our students chose to stay virtual in 2020 even when offered the hybrid option. There were a few main reasons for this: 1.) 100% of lesson time was able to be used for instruction and 0% was necessary for covid protocols; and 2.) When the weather was colder, it became impossible for everyone’s exposed piano hands to play properly in less than 60 degree temperatures with open windows. In fall of 2021, 70% of the students came in because of how strong our covid protocols are, and the other 30% were waiting until they could get their kids vaccinated. By spring 2022, most students have returned to in-studio lessons.

Like the Westfield and surrounding area school systems over the past year, we may switch between hybrid and virtual lessons during the year, due to things such as families traveling over holidays, spikes in infection rates, cold weather affecting piano playing hands, etc. We will also be following the guidance and protocols of the CDC, the State of New Jersey, the town of Westfield, and paying attention to the state and local departments of education.

Please understand that these plans are subject to change and may be updated throughout the school year.

Please feel free to email or call for any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to another great year of music at the studio!