The studio uses digital pianos, computers, and MP3 and MIDI technology to enhance each student’s understanding, creativity, and skills. The technology is used to supplement, not replace, piano lessons. Students have the opportunity to swing one moment from acoustic pianos to digital piano with studio quality sounds and digital effects the next. We encourage you to visit the this advanced musical setup.

Digital Recordings on CD and the Internet

During the course of the year, when students have finished a piece, the Studio CDs enable students to capture that memorable performance in the comfort of the studio. The learning, skill, and enjoyment are preserved with these recordings. CDs are given during the holidays in December and at the end of the academic year. It is striking to hear the student’s progression throughout the year from the beginning of the year to the final piece! The Studio CDs are especially useful for families who have relatives in far away places (and you can’t bring your piano or keyboard on the trip) but they can still share in the musical learning taking place. The quality of the CDs, presented in a professional manner, simply adds to the value of the performances recorded on the tapes. In essence, the Studio CDs will be a precious keepsake for any family.

What is Digital Recording?

A unique feature of the studio is digital recording. Basically, what this means is that students are able to record their own playing digitally, or electronically, the same way as in professional studios. In other words, with “CD quality.”

CD Quality.

Digital recording is accomplished by having a keyboard or computer record directly to its memory through wires, rather than having the sound pass through the air to a microphone, thus improving the sound quality.

Studio CDs.

Studio CDs are given during the holidays in December, and at the end of the academic year in June. It is quite a lesson to hear the difference from the beginning of the year to the final piece on the recording.

Professional Sequencing Software.

Another technology improvement at the studio is use of the studio’s professional recording software program, Digital Performer, from Mark Of The Unicorn Inc. With this most recent release of the software, students are able to play in “real-time” their pieces they perform or compose, enabling them to capture pieces in their minds that just can’t make it onto paper first. The program has full editing capabilities allowing corrections of a few mistakes in performance if necessary, as well as changing the instrument played on, tempo, and a myriad amount of possibilities.

Take Three.

Another function of digital recording is the ability to record multiple “takes” and choose the best one to go on the CD. This is an important feature of any digital studio.

Additional Copies Available.

Additional copies are available for friends or family – great gifts for grandparents or relatives or friends far away.


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