for Grades K-7

in Autumn and Spring

This is an informal party where students play any pieces they want, (or just come and listen). Families can bring friends, brothers and sisters, or a parent to help out, too. We play the piano for each other, have food and plenty of snacks, play games, and meet new musical friends! These are lower key than the recitals, and students only play for the group if they feel comfortable to do so. Younger students get inspired hearing ones who have been playing for a few years, and come home even more inspired to learn. We always have a great time!

Piano Party

Photo: Special guest Franz Liszt makes an appearance after a Piano Party, and is surrounded by adoring fans. After playing piano, students went outside for snacks and games including “Haydn” Go Seek, Toss the Great Composer (with statues), Mozart vs. Handel Relay Race, and “Bach Bach Beethoven”.