Nazzaro Music Studio Summer and Winter Recordings

Student’s Own Recordings – Your First Album!

Every student at this studio can get a professionally mastered CD of the music they record throughout the year. Students record on either our Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos, as well as on our Yamaha grand with superior acoustic microphones. The Summer Recordings also feature the Live Recital Recordings of your own performance at the Spring Recital.

Students also record themselves playing piano while singing with vocals, learning to accompany themselves, too. These recordings make excellent audition recordings for colleges or simply to share with friends and family.

CDs Include:

Superior Quality. Superior digitally mastered CD quality with professional recording technology. Our studio uses professional grade Digital Performer sequencer by MOTU, and a professional “plug-in” called Sampletank, made by IKMultimedia, which is a customized digital synth rivaling a Steinway concert grand piano. The quality is amazing. Oh, and it has 1,800 other instruments the students can record with as well.

Student Recordings. All pieces are actual recordings of students playing their pieces — not other students, just themselves (including original pieces).

All Their Songs. Hear all the pieces you have worked on all year.

Original Pieces Composed by the Students. Each year students can write pieces we submit to the composition contest by Piano Explorer Magazine (a free magazine with taking lessons at the studio), learns to compose, and gets professional sheet music using the latest Music Notation software Sibelius.

Custom Made. Every student’s CD is given individual attention and custom-made for every student.

Original Artwork. Original watercolor cover artwork by illustrator Élena Nazzaro.

Each student taking lessons during the academic year receives two sets of recordings each year: The Summer Recordings online are $10 and available over the summer, and The Winter Recordings online and are available in December/January also for $10. These are recordings of the pieces they record during the course of the year. CDs can be ordered for friends, relatives, or posterity for $20 each. The MP3 songs online are also available to download and email to friends and family for free.

Take advantage of this unique and special feature of this studio!

Click here to hear student recorded pieces on the internet!