What makes this studio different?

We are a mix of the traditional piano lesson with the latest technology. This means while we train our students with the most solid Classical training and theory with classically trained teachers, students also get the best and newest of today, including our recording capabilities, music notation software and composition, as well as the means to share their music on our website, on CD, and on YouTube. Our performing opportunities are also fun and age appropriate, with piano parties for the young beginner, coffee houses for the junior high and high school students, and adult student repertoire parties. We are a solid foundation that makes it enjoyable for all ages.

When can I sign up?

Any time of year, depending on times available in our schedule.

When is it best to sign up?

Call in May for June and July Mini Sessions availability, June through September for the Fall, and December and January for starting in the new year.

If I start in the middle of the year, do I have to pay for lessons I missed?

No. You must put down the deposit and sign the Admissions Agreement to hold a time slot, and we then pro-rate the second payment for lessons not taken due to later sign up. We defer the second payment by a month. For example, if you sign up in November, you still give the full deposit to hold your time slot, and the second payment would be due in December. After that you are back on our regular payment schedule for the year.

What are your hours for lessons?

Roughly Monday to Thursday 3pm to 9:30pm.

Can I try a few lessons just to try it out?

Regardless of where you take lessons, your commitment should be a year — no one learns to play the piano overnight. If you want to try a few lessons at our studio, that is what our Mini Sessions in June and July are for. Otherwise, the commitment is for the academic year, as not much can be ascertained about the teacher or the student in such a short time. It should be made clear to a younger student that they are committing to a year program, and if they are not sure, then don’t sign up for the academic year — instead, wait for the June and July Mini Sessions for the flexibility. (Read more about the Mini Sessions in June and July here.)