Academic Year Annual Tuition

Tuition is in three convenient installments. Students usually sign up in May or June for the following academic year to get the best time-slot selection, but you can sign up at any time during the year if there are openings. Recitals and parties are built into our tuition for convenience (3 of them), as well as the 3 weeks of audio and video production for the Student Recordings and Youtube channel. There are no registration fees and no recital fees. Our program is on a tuition basis, not a per lesson basis, with three equal payments in the year. With the included 3 performance opportunities and 3 weeks of our audio and video production, our program works out to be roughly $60 for 45 minute lessons. Click the link below for details.

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The “Tell A Friend” Discount

There are various discounts available at the studio. When you tell a friend about the studio and have a student sign up for the academic year, both the family signing up and the referring family get a $30.00 credit on their next invoice. Please note that this does not apply to siblings – we have a separate ongoing discount for that. The new student must make the second payment before credit can be applied.



Multiple Student Discount

Families that have more than one student taking lessons at the studio will have an additional discount of $20.00 per tuition payment for 2 students and over (total of $60.00 per year per additional student). For example, 2 students in one family will get $20 off each invoice, families with 3 students taking lessons will get $40 off each invoice, etc.) This discount will be reflected on each bill.

The “On-Time” Discount

A total of $45.00 per year per student can be deducted whenever a payment is received on time with the date on the bill. There are three payments for the year, and a $15 discount will be reflected on your bill with each payment if paid on time. For example, the bottom of your bill will say “Amount Due If Paid On Time:” and the amount will be $15 less than the original amount owed. The deadlines for the On-Time Discount are: May 1, September 1, and February 1. Bringing the payment to the lesson following these 3 deadlines (May 1, September 1, and February 1) is not considered part of the “On-Time Discount” and no deduction will be taken. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to call the studio.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Seniors 60 and older can benefit from this discount policy. We will deduct $30 from each of the three payments of the year ($90 total for the year). This will be reflected on each bill.


We have a complete stock of music in the studio so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding your own books and supplies. Music and other materials and supplies, such as books, flash cards, metronomes, and awards will be distributed throughout the year and you will be receiving a bill for them periodically. The average yearly cost is around $50.00.

An Annual Organization Kit will be given at the beginning of the academic year (or at a student’s first lesson). The Kit includes:

  • A Piano Bag for all your books
  • An organizational binder with tabs (Practice Plans, music, music handouts and charts, newsletters, etc.)
  • A subscription to our studio newsletter The Soundboard
  • Cloud storage for files (pdfs, mp3s, photos, videos, etc) Like Google Drive and iCloud services
  • All printing costs
  • Practice CDs/MP3s for music to listen to and practice with at home

This $15 kit is part of the $50 estimate of materials for the year. This amount will be billed on the second payment for the year (September).

In addition to this average cost, each student will automatically receive a set of The Winter Recordings online for $10, and a set of The Summer Recordings online for $10. The Winter Recordings will be available in December, and the Summer Recordings available over the summer. CDs are available for a cost of $20.00 per CD.

Annual Tuition 2023-2024

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