Learn How To Accompany Yourself Singing

Since we start with a firm foundation of piano technique, music theory, chords, and scales, students are then ready to add their own singing ability to the mix. Since our students know piano so well, they can then focus on the singing part separately and then put the singing and piano parts together.

Dan performing Billy Joel’s Summer Highland Falls

Separate Tracks

Some choose to lay down only the instrumental track first and perfect it, and then go back to record only their vocals on a separate track. This allows them to do several takes and to give each part of the recording their complete concentration. Since we record the piano part first, we then send the student home to practice with their exact own recording to get it just the way they want when they come back to record the vocals. We use MOTU’s Digital Performer, our professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), one of the most powerful in the professional recording industry. We have thousands of effects to get just the right sound for every song.

Vocals and Instruments Together

Another way students like to record their vocals is by doing it along with the piano, in the room. The students and the piano are miked separately to adjust for the best levels on each. Then any adjustments, editing, or retakes are made using Digital Performer.

Sarah singing Vegas by Sara Bareilles