Growing Interest for Adult Students. There has been growing interest in taking piano lessons as an adult in the past decade — more and more adults are taking piano lessons for many reasons. Many adult piano students view taking lessons as a great stress relief from work, coming home from a difficult day at work and doing something more meaningful than watching television. They find it relaxes them to hear and be able to play beautiful music, as well as it being an excellent outlet for feelings, emotion, and stress. Adults are looking for lessons that are fun, meaningful, and contribute to personal growth. 

Variety of Music to Play. There is also a greater variety of music to play now, instead of classical music being the only option. Jazz, blues, Broadway, new age, and  holiday music are only a few of the choices today, although most adult students enjoy playing different styles for variety. 

Playing music of the great classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven, or more modern ones like Gershwin and Rodgers and Hart, is an exciting part of the adult student’s musical education. There is much more information available now about the lives of composers than previously realized. Understanding musical terms and styles also brings to life the many facets of music.

A New Approach to Learning Piano. People who have had bad experiences when they were younger are now flooding back to piano lessons, realizing the importance of music in their lives. Piano seems to be the instrument of choice for adults who have taken lessons when they were younger, as well as for ones who never had any music education at all.

“Lessons have changed greatly from twenty years ago,” says Mr. Nazzaro. “We take great care of adults who want to pick up the piano again who studied all those years ago, and make the brand new student feel comfortable and inspired.”

CD Recordings. Recording personal CDs is another unique feature for adult students at the Nazzaro Music Studio. For any adult who thought it was too late to make their own CD, this unique feature of this studio certainly makes the practicing worthwhile to have tangible recordings to show their family and friends. Students can also compose their own music and get professional printouts of their original compositions. Many adult students have written music for their spouse or children at the studio for birthdays and anniversaries, which is a very unique gift. 

Repertoire Parties. Another of the most popular features for the adult student at Mr. Nazzaro’s studio include Repertoire Parties, which are small get-togethers to share playing and experiences with others. This is a great outlet for adults to perform for people sharing the same musical interests, and provides the opportunity to play in a casual and relaxed setting.  Adult students support each other and talk about their own experiences in practicing and playing. 

A Valuable Hobby. Adult piano students are also interested in having a valuable hobby and useful skill of piano playing. People enjoy playing the piano for relatives during holidays, playing with other musicians, or writing music for themselves, their spouse, or loved ones. 

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Special features for our Adult Students