After much planning and lots and lots of hard work, our new site is finally here! It contains all of the musical goodness you’ve known in the past from previous versions, but it’s organized in a new way. We think it makes everything clearer, and most of all, gets to the heart of something dear to us.


We wanted to not only make it easier for newcomers to learn about the studio and what we do, but to help everyone at the studio connect and share that love of music. With each other, with relatives, with other students, on your facebook page, you name it.

We will continue to work on and update the site – it’s still a bit of a work in progress! We’ll be featuring some of the newer pages here, and also filling this blog with informative articles from the studio, categorized to help you find just the right information you’re looking for: whether it’s how to care for and maintain your piano, practicing tips, or links to inspire you.

Special thanks go out to PRI for all their hard work and creativity – especially for the fantastic in-page music player solution! Go pick a recital date and have a listen!