Annual Composition Showcase

Each year our studio features our annual composition showcase. All our students are invited to compose music with the help of their teachers and many resources we have to help them write great music. You are never too young or too old. If you know 5 notes, you write a five note piece!

Another unique feature to this studio is how our students compose original musical compositions on a computer. Students from very early on (even only taking lessons a few months) can benefit from the music technology at the studio. Using Sibelius Music Notation Software, the leading music notation program available, students can enter in music that they themselves have composed (with some guidance from the teacher). Not only can they hear it played back, but they an take home a professional printout of their score, PDFs and MP3 files to play anywhere. This is a great way to foster creativity and musicality.

Annual Composition Showcase 2022

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to the mp3s on any device or computer. 
Here is the list of the compositions this year. Click the links to view and print the PDFs.

Unicorns and Butterflies, Anaisha, Grade K
Floating Clouds, Aanya, Grade 2
Disco, Violet, Grade 2
Night Sky, Maisie, Grade 2
Falling Snow, Jaxon, Grade 3
The Graveyard, Shreya, Grade 5
Playful Dragons, Enzo, Grade 5
Soldier’s March, Alyssa, Grade 5
Fly Higher, Isla, Grade 5
Rain, Arboria, Grade 6
Purple Thoughts, Rohit, Grade 6
Falling Snow, Hannah, Grade 7
Shimmering Fields, Bella, Grade 8
The Hiker, Rassa, Grade 8
Warning, Evan, Grade 9
Father’s Pride, Kunal, adult student
Merry Maxwell On The Move, Pat, adult student

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to the mp3s on any device or computer. 

Hear an example: Fraser plays his original composition “Prayer for Rain”.


After taking lessons for a while and getting a good grasp of music theory, chords, and technical ability, students can begin to do songwriting at the studio. We help students with writing music as well as the lyrics, and the music forms that make good songs. We use multiple resources for this, including college level songwriting textbooks, online resources, rhyming dictionaries, and help train students how to record themselves to aid their music writing, whether on their own devices or at the studio, to hone their skills.

Hear an example: Rachel plays her original song “Just Be There”.